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Playboy has created a new website where models chat online in our studios with Playboy members at home. We are currently using only published models from our product lines such as Playboy Magazine, Playboy SE, PlayboyTV, CyberClub and Playboy Online, but we are now taking submissions from beyond the existing world of Playboy.

PlayboyLIVE is the quickest way to get into the Playboy family. This is your opportunity to work with Playboy and start making money today.

Models that are interested should attend the PlayboyLIVE Model Search being held in downtown Chicago on Tuesday, Oct. 5th from 10am-5pm. Please email for more information.

For this particular audition to be considered, you must be a Chicago local and willing to commit to a minimum of 20 hours per week of work, adhere to a set weekly schedule and sign all pertinent legal documents.



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