Frequently Asked Questions/Support


What is AMP?


AMP is the main talent search and portfolio hosting site for the adult industry. If you are an adult model looking for assignments or an adult producer looking for models, this site is for you.


Member Profiles

How long does it take to approve a new profile.


New profiles are typically approved within 48 hours. Unfortunately this approval process is necessary both to make sure that the photos posted are legal and to weed out spammers and fans and make sure that only legitimate producers and models are on the site.


How come my profile was not approved?


If your profile was not approved your should have received the reason in the email. Most likely there is something on it that violated our Terms and Conditions.


The approval process starts when you upload the first picture. You must have at least one picture on your profile before it will become visible to other members. If you are having problems with image upload please read the next question below.


How do I upload images?


Log on, click on Edit Photos and then click on Upload New Photo. Important things to note about uploading images:


- Currently only JPG images are supported. If you have an image in GIF, PNG or some other format, you will need to open in in en image editor of your choice (for example IrfanView - and save it as JPG.


- Maximum image file size allowed is 600K. Again, if your image is larger, open it in an image editor and make it smaller.


- Explicit images depicting penetration, masturbation or hard core S&M themes ARE NOT allowed. Nude softcore images ARE allowed.


- You cannot post images copyrighted by someone other than you without the permission of the copyright owner.


- If you are really, really stuck and have some images but don't know how to upload them on your AMP profile, email us and we will try to help out. This may delay your profile approval by several days though.


How do I change my default image (avatar)?


Log on, click on Edit Photos, then click on Make Default link next to the image you wish to make as your default image.


How do I cancel my account?


On your member homepage click on Account Settings. At the bottom of the page, there is an option to cancel your account.


Flagging profiles or forum posts


You can help us keep AMP clean and legal by flagging any profile or forum post that contains following types of material:


- Hard core images containing penetration, masturbation etc. Nude poses are ok.


- Images of possibly underage persons


- Any content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind.


Flagging a profile simply means that a member of our staff will review it. If the reason for the flagging is not obvious (such as if it contains copyrighted material owned by you or someone other than the poster) please email us and explain the reasons. Our email address is listed at the bottom of this page.



How do I contact other members?


Use Search page to find members you are interested in working with. Click on their name or avatar to view their profile. Click on Send Message to send them an email. Please read the answer to the next question below, before you go any further.


What kind of messages are not appropriate and may get my account blocked?


This site is aimed at the professionals in the adult industry. Our messaging system is intended only for work related communication. It is not a personals site, and it is not a site for fans to contact their favorite models. If you send any kind of unwelcome personal message to other members as well as messages using abusive language or threats, they can flag it as abusive and if it happens repeatedly your account will get cancelled.


Can I use my regular email to send messages to other members?


No. In order to help members remain anonymous you can only send/receive messages through our messaging system. If both parties are willing, there is nothing stopping you from exchanging email addresses though.



Will my real name, address, phone number or any other personal details ever be made public?


Of course not. We are very aware of the need for privacy of our members and only the information in your public profile will ever be visible on the site. For more details, read our Privacy Policy.


What are the rules for posting on your forums?


- Post each message only to one forum. Duplicate messages will be considered spam and removed.


- Abusive posts using foul language etc aimed at other members can get your post removed. Persistent offenders who ignore warnings may see their account cancelled.


- Off topic messages, particularly spam messages and advertisements may also get your post removed.


- Posting your or other members' personal details on the forums is strictly prohibited and may result in your account being cancelled. This includes rants about specific unprofessional photographers or models who didn't show etc.



Model safety tips


- When shooting for the first time with someone you don't know, bring an escort with you.


- Ask for references or examples of prior work


- Be very clear about the exact nature of the shoot before you show up. To avoid misunderstandings, make it clear to the producers what kind of shoots you are not comfortable with.


- Be careful about disclosing your personal details, such as real name, address, phone no. etc, until you are confident that they are safe to work with


- If you notice any members abusing this site by contacting you with inappropriate offers please report it to us at the email address below. We will always investigate and possibly block the members responsible


I didn't get the confirmation email when I signed up.


First thing to do is please check the Spam or Bulk folder in your email account. Sometimes email providers will mark legitimate emails as spam by mistake.


If you don't find the email click HERE to have it resent.


Linking to us


If you find this site useful, the best way to spread the word is to post a link to us from your site. You can find our banners and other promotional materials HERE.